Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Yossi Galron showing a slide during his presentation.

Shuli Berger showing a photo of a cornerstone at Yeshiva University

Elhanan Adler explaining the different participants in the latest project.

Shulamith Berger of Yeshiva University presented the Yeshiva University edifice- the plans, vision and reality. It was rather interesting to see the different architectural influences that were represented in the YU uptown campus in Washington Heights.

Elhanan Adler highlighted the creation and use of a full text archive of Jewish historical newspapers. OCR is about 93% accurate, which is really important to note when looking over materials scanned with this technology.

Yossi Galron showed his lexicon of Modern Hebrew Literature - which biographical information regarding authors. Shakepeare is also now included in this online project.

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