Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An irregular newsletter devoted to the planning of the
2008 AJL National Convention

Kickoff Meeting

On January 11, 2007, seventeen members of the Greater Cleveland Chapter met to officially begin planning for the 2008 AJL National Convention. The convention will be held in Cleveland from June 22-25, 2008. Convention headquarters will be the Marriott Cleveland East, located on Harvard Road in Warrensville Heights.

Linda Silver began the meeting by telling us her experiences at previous conventions, including the one held in Cleveland in 1997. Other chapter members, including Andi Davidson, Esther Hexter, Nechama Kutner, Jean Lettofsky, Julie Moss, and Bonnie Shapiro, told of their convention experiences. Merrily Hart arrived in a pink t-shirt and carrying a tote bag and program book, all emblazoned with the logo and slogan of the Cleveland 1997 convention! During this lively pep talk, program books of past conventions were circulated among the members.

Convention Planning Committees

Linda announced the current slate of officers of the Convention Planning Committee:

Co-Chairs: Andi Davidson, Wendy Wasman, Mark Weber
Advisors: Linda Silver and Merrily Hart
Treasurer: Fran Freedman

The following is a list of sub-committees and the names of those who signed up to work on each committee. If you do not see your name on any of these committees and you would like to volunteer, please contact Andi Davidson at adavidson@ttti.org or Wendy Wasman at wwwasman@yahoo.com. As you can see, many of the committees are in need of a chair and/or volunteers. We hope to fill up these committees as soon as possible.


Ads for Program Book

Committee: Anne Biermann

Chair: Harold Koppel
Committee: Heather Lenson, Eileen Kollins

Fund Raising
Chair: Jean Lettofsky
Committee: Sue Berlin, Sarajane Dolinsky

Hospitality Suite
Committee: Fran Freedman, Heather Lenson, Gerry Powers

Co-Chairs: Nechama Kutner and Aimee Lurie
Committee: Ilka Gordon, Jacqueline Stern

Off-Site Locations and Tours
Co-Chairs: Nechama Kutner and Bonnie Shapiro
Committee: Ilka Gordon, Nina Rosner

Program Book
Chair: Anne Biermann
Committee: Julie Berman, Esther Hexter, Polly Wilkenfeld

Chair: Linda Silver
Committee: Sean Martin, Jean Lettofsky, Wendy Wasman, Gerry Powers, Nina
Rosner, Esther Hexter, Nechama Kutner

Chair: Nina Rosner
Committee: Esther Hexter, Lee Haas

Chair: Marcia Klein
Committee: Joanne Frey, Nina Rosner, Lee Haas, Polly Wilkenfeld


Committee: Joe Hecht, Mark Weber

Chair: Fran Pursell
Committee: Susan Traub

Program Ideas

We are planning on offering a tour of the Maltz Museum on the Monday evening of the convention. Also in the works is a tour of Jewish Cleveland, transportation to be provided by Lolly the Trolley.


A contract has been signed with Contempo Cuisine to provide all of the meals, as well as the coffee breaks, for the convention. The menu looks delicious!


Do you have any ideas for a slogan for the 2008 AJL Convention? We have a couple of ideas already, but we want your input. Submit your ideas to Wendy Wasman at wwwasman@yahoo.com. Possibilities so far include:

Jewish Libraries: Cornerstones of Community
Jewish Libraries = Jewish Literacy
Jewish Libraries: Tradition, Treasures, and Technology

Stay tuned for future issues of the Convention Chronicle!


Steve Bergson said...

I'm pleased to see that you've chosen the Marriott --- one of my favorite hotel chains.

It'll be nice to go to an AJL convention again. I haven't been to one since '03.

Wendy Wasman said...

We'll be glad to have you at the convention, Steve, both as an attendee and as a presenter! We'll be in contact as we work out the program details.